Noodlefish Immersive Experience

What Is Noodlefish? Look, we realize this is a BIG project. Opening a large-scale art exhibition space that integrates tech with art in an immersive environment (that’s a mouthful) is a huge endeavor. We get that and so does everyone else in Erie.

That’s why we are starting off with a proof of concept. our 2021 proof of concept, we have three rooms that showcase 3 unique styles: blending mediums, immersive arts, and interactive exchanges. There are some components that weave throughout all the rooms, but for this small exhibit we chose to focus on the possibilities and not necessarily the storyline. That will come with future exhibits. 

Once you’ve gone through the exhibit (or even a couple of times), you will be asked to provide feedback via a webform. Don’t worry, we will also have a paper version, if that’s your jam

Noodlefish will be open to the public beginning September 10 with a kick-off party from 6-10 pm. Admission for the evening’s events is $5 per person over 18 and $3 for youth 10-17. All children under 10 years-of-age are free. We do ask that you keep an eye on young children when walking through the exhibit. All youth under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

If you would like to discuss an immersive art installation for your space, email us: [email protected]

The art install was on the first floor of the PACA Arts Center, 1505 State Street. Go in through the main entrance and past the ancient elevator on the right. We are up the ramp to the right.

Date of installation:

September 11-October 24 2021