Annual Report 2023: Erie Art Company                                                            

Executive Summary:

Erie Art Company celebrates another year of fostering artistic expression, enriching lives, and strengthening our community through the power of art and technology. This report highlights our achievements in 2024, showcasing the impact of our programs, exhibitions, and outreach initiatives. With the support of our board, donors, volunteers, and partners we impacted the lives of Erie County and others.

Mission and Vision:

The arts are nourishment for our hearts and minds. They are critical in our exploration of who we are and what we might become. May we continue to encourage those whose talent, dedication, and visions can create a better tomorrow.

Programs and Achievements:

  • Art Education: The FEED partnership, allowed us to apply for a $5000 grant through the ERCDA.  This grant helped in the purchase of an outdoor screen and will be a valuable addition to the community. The screen will provide a platform for local artists to showcase their work to a wider audience. The screen will also be used to provide educational programming about digital art. The programming will be designed to appeal to people of all ages and interests of Erie County. The screen will also be used to promote the center’s programs and services.
  • Community Engagement: Partnering with Amerimasala allowed some members to connect with the Erie community and be part of the puppets and parade. AmeriMasala believes in the ‘Replacement Theory'”, says Johnson. “We theorize if hate, racism, and willful ignorance was replaced with things like love, compassion, empathy, respect, and knowledge, the world would be immeasurably better.” 
  • Watch out for AmeriMasala 2024, July 20th. We’re really looking forward to continuing to bring the most original, unique multi-disciplinary arts and education in Erie’s history.
  • EACo also provided web support and web design for the new website.
  • Trawkas Menu and Print Material: The new owners, Adrian and Nadia Pop, came to Erie from Romania in the 90s. They said while they have some new items, the market carries the same products and delivers the same quality as previous years. EACo helped support this business by providing graphic design and print support for this new owner at no cost.
  • Community Celebration: We successfully staged the 1st annual Irving Literary Festival held in Washington Square Park (corner of Raspberry/Cascade and 24th/25th) Where we invited Erie residents to experience the works of Washington Irving and original works of Erie writers and poets.

    We gave away over 400 books to Erie and over 130 were from the “ Banned Book List” The WQLN STREAM Machine will be available. September’s STREAM Machine theme is “Technology and You.”  Inside the STREAM Kits are things families can do together without using technology.
  • Fiscal Sponsorship: With the help of the Clarence Beyers Fund for Music Performances, City Gallery was able to make connections to other Erie art organizations. The latest community partnership was with FEED Digital Art Center at the 13th block of State Street. Together City Gallery, FEED, and Buffalo Afrobeat Orchestra presented James Brown VS Fela Kuti and visual art from Colin Bonner (Jetset), this partnership combined with the music of soul and afrobeat, created a funky fresh night of dancing and fun. This event was held live at FEED Media Art Center on November 24th 2023.
  • City Gallery Summer Music Series 2023: This Community Music Series is a 12 month project that will bring over 20+ diverse and culturally significant musicians through the doors of the historic Meyer Building with styles ranging from electronic/Indian fusion, to Western Swing and Gospel R+B. City Gallery LLC is a diverse, inclusive, and progressive arts and music space. They chose to partner with Erie Art Company as fiscal sponsor whose mission aligns with City Gallery and who has also pledged, through the Nonprofit Partnership, to be guided by DEI initiatives.

Financial Snapshot:

  • Grants & Donations: $33,501.22
  • Expenses & Fiscal Passthrough: $27,711.59
  • Remainder of 2023: $368+

Looking Ahead:

  • Discussion with Werner books and other literary orgs to host the Literary Fest in Liberty Plaza
  • The launching of The Feed and creating content from FEED artists.
  • Purchasing a Mobile Gallery
  • Apply for a NEA Grant to provide funding for residencies and courses for FEED.
  • New Board Members 
  • Strategizing to purchase a building