electroFLUX experimental music series & Liquid Light Factory presents

electroFLUX experimental music series & Liquid Light Factory present:
A special presentation of Liquid Light Factory’s LET THERE BE LIGHT
With special guest audiovisual artist Eric Lennartson (Los Angeles)
Plus a performance by onewayness (Erie)
at FEED Media Art Center
1307 State St.
Saturday, February 4 – 7 pm

Donations appreciated to support the touring artist

Eric Lennartson is an Oscilloscope Artist, Composer, and Improviser based in Los Angeles. His audio-visual work makes use of analog oscilloscopes, an old piece of electronic testing equipment. While performing, he sends the sounds from his computer directly to the scope and a set of speakers simultaneously. In doing so, sound and image create a feedback loop of meaning. Although sounds create the images, the images have a direct influence on the creation of the sounds. The resulting effect is non objective imagery that interacts with dense noise, pulsating tones, and unstable beats. Through this interaction he explores the intersections between the analog and the digital, as well as the different perspectives and meaning inherent to the sound and image themselves. He has a master’s in Performance and Composition from the California Institute of the Arts and a bachelor’s in Percussion Performance from the University of North Texas. His works have been presented at the Vector Hack Festival in Rijeka Croatia, Music For Your Inbox, and can also be seen as part of an installation at Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart, in Las Vegas.

Liquid Light Factory is an Extended Reality (XR) technology firm that oversees and project manages everything from design to installation of XR public art projects, projection mapping, and virtual production. Co-founders Jessica and Nick Taylor have over a decade of experience owning and operating the Erie-based video production company, Menajerie Studio. Likewise, co-founder Brad Triana has the same amount of experience managing BOTH Studios – a design, fabrication, and manufacturing shop in Erie.

onewayness is Adam Holquist, a composer, musician, sound designer, and multimedia creator from Erie, Pennsylvania. He uses guitars, pianos, analog and digital synthesis, spoken word and field recordings, and a variety of hardware and software tools to create atmospheric and textural music which draws influence from a variety of sources. These may include: ambient, drone, minimalism, post-rock, and vintage and contemporary electronic ‘listening music’.


handmade music for machines | www.onewayness.com

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