The Erie Art Company (EACo) has agreed to be the fiscal sponsor for the City Gallery LLC for their Community Music Series. This music series is consistent with its goals, and will be the Sponsored Organization for the implementation and operation of the project. After the past success of the 2023 series, the EACo board recognizes the commitment and the importance of this event to Erie County.

Over the past five years, EACo has been involved in a number of civic initiatives that improve access to the arts and music in the city and throughout Erie County. City Gallery has a long history of placemaking and creating spaces where the Erie communities are able to come together and experience the contemporary arts, as well as provide access to many genres of music. 

The “Harmonies in the Gallery” series is an exciting opportunity. We are confident that the series will expand on the successes of the past year and will make a significant contribution to the cultural life of our community. These offerings create a truly immersive artistic experience for all ages. By bringing together music and art in a harmonious dialogue, we will foster a deeper appreciation for the arts and enrich the cultural fabric of our community.

Noodlefish Immersive Art Installation 2021

Partnered with City Gallery to clean out the back unused junk rooms and create a art experience.