Erie Art Company End of Year Report 2022

We got some grants:

In 2022 we received three grants:

Erie Arts and Culture support for Amerimasala. These funds went to support bringing in parade performers. 

Erie Arts and Culture support for the Washington literary festival. Due to several factors, this festival will be moved to September 2023. More details below.

PA Council on the Arts Entry to Program Stream. Funds from this grant help to keep us operational, from website hosting to marketing and general operational costs like storage and transportation of exhibits.

We got some donations:

We received multiple personal donations totalling over 800.00. This is in addition to the Erie Gives Day donations which totalled $1,797 this year.

All these funds are all used for programs, marketing, and website support. Every dollar spent is mission-driven. We are a totally volunteer organization.

We did some projects we did this year:

Narcissus at the Erie Art Museum ran from April to September and was a collaboration with several artists in the region. This immersive exhibit sought to examine the relationship each person has with self and our perception of self, as they wandered through a contemporary telling of Echo and Narcissus. Images from this exhibit can be found HERE.

Inclusion in FEED’s first multi-media show FEED on the Street

Brad Ford had several pieces in the FEED Show. FEED is a new media center at the heart of Downtown Erie. Erie Art Company is working with FEED to deliver additional arts programming in 2023.

We provided support for other events and organizations:

Financial support for the Amerimasala parade

Partial scholarship for Foundations Art Academy student

Website development/support for City Gallery

Financial support for Sisters of St. Joseph Mural Project

We have projects in Process:

The Irving Literary Festival will happen next September. This is the first festival of its kind with a writing competition, book give-away, live readings in the Washington Park (named after Washington Irving), and closing with Irving’s classic tale, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. More details to follow. If you wish to volunteer for this event, please contact us at [email protected].

A home of our own: many in the city know we have been looking for a building of our own. We have toured and had professional assessments done on a few locations, but the search continues for the best venue. Have a building you want us to see? Want to give us a building as a tax write-off? Contact us and let’s chat.

We’ve been learning:

We love a well-operating board! Margo already has board development and governance training and is working with the NPP to align our board with the Standards of Excellence. This is not a requirement for 501(c)(3) status, but probably should be. Check out Nonprofit Partnership for their membership details and trainings (some of them are free!). 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Erie Art Company has committed to DEI initiatives. To begin that process, we have signed the Nonprofit Partnerships Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion pledge. You can find our listing, as well as other organizations who have signed the pledge HERE.

We have three new board members this year. We are 7-member strong with some powerful and innovative voices from our community. Read up HERE. 

Lots more in process for next year. Check out our social media sites, or websites for loads of pics and possibilities, and come see us when we have something up and moving. 

All of us at Erie Art Company wish you a safe and hopeful holiday season.