FEED Media Art Center
1307 State Street, Erie PA 16501

Established in 2022, FEED Media Art Center is devoted to the production, exhibition and preservation of all forms of media art.

The FEED Mirror

The FEED Mirror is the first joint POC of its digital art and information platform showing in the heart of downtown Erie’s Cultural Corridor. Visitors and community check The FEED from State Street to enjoy media art and keep up with FEED. Inside, guests interact with The FEED Mirror, a video portraiture installation. The FEED Mirror was featured at Erie Chamber Homecoming 2023.

Project Summary:Weaving Time into Pixels: Digital Storytelling and Historic Preservation

This project, in partnership with Feed, a local digital art center, aims to empower young people in Erie, Pennsylvania, to become digital storytellers who bridge the gap between past and present through innovative art forms.

We developed a comprehensive program that utilizes Feed’s resources and expertise in digital technology to:

  • Capture and digitize local historical narratives through interviews, archival materials, and multimedia recordings.
  • Train young people in digital storytelling techniques, including video production, animation, interactive design, and augmented reality.
  • Create engaging digital artworks and immersive experiences that reimagine and reinterpret Erie’s rich history for contemporary audiences.
  • Showcase the project’s outcomes through public exhibitions, online platforms, and community-based events. 

This initiative will not only foster creative youth development but also revitalize the city’s historical identity by making it accessible and relevant to new generations.