Erie Art Company has help support the Erie community, by leveraging years of creativity and experience. We have provided many diverse art experiences from live paintings to pop-up galleries. 


Award Winning SlingPaint Art Festival Event. 2006 / 2007 Celebrate Erie : Be part of the art

Erie Art Gallery

The Erie Art Gallery is an inspired and innovative community gallery, which will inject art and activate spaces. We want to support the ongoing betterment of Downtown Erie. Together with the Erie people connect with art, artists, ideas and each other.

Erie Playhouse Art Pop up

Commissioned in 2018 to install an Erie local artist Pop-up gallery in the Erie Playhouse for its Erie pARTnership – A Celebration of Theatre About Art

Greater Erie Alliance for Equality ( GEAE )

Erie Art Company has been a partner with GEAE and was proud to help host the first LGBTQ+ Call for Art in Erie, Pa. GEAE gave out artist awards to help each artist find their voice.

Lake Erie Ballet

Erie Art Company partner for several years with Lake Erie Ballet as visual consultant and also producing a limited addition Nutcracker poster serigraph.


Noodlefish..where the art comes to play…
Inside every mind is a playground that doesn’t make sense. There are flying objects, unusual creatures,
and sounds that have never been heard before. This imagination can come to life in Noodlefish. Part art
installation, part immersive environment, and part interactive exhibit, Noodlefish explores what time
hasn’t seen and the stories we haven’t told. It is otherworldly without being off-planet. It is outside of
your mind, but it wants to be part of you.


Erie Art Company is a supporter of TEDXErie since 2015. In 2015 EAC worked with technical teams to produce multimedia experiences, managing presentations and set design for its first year at the Erie Art Museum

Radius Gallery

Art Inspires Commerce

Pop Up Shows

Radius Gallery was a project to activate empty offices in the Renaissance Building. This project was originally the brainchild of Matthew Retkowski Originally published in Radius Co-work Blog As part of Erie’s Downtown Revitalization art installations, artworks, and interactive art displays should accompany the renewal of commercial office space. The Radius Gallery exemplifies this mission